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Praise the Lord Oh My Soul

  • from: admin
  • uploaded: Jan 28, 2014
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Praise the Lord oh my Soul
Worship the Living Lord of Hosts oh my spirit
Sing unto the lord a holy song
Worship Him in His place of habitation
Praise Him in the land of the living
Reverence Him above all things
Let His presence be magnified
in you oh my soul
Give Him all the worship from your heart
oh my spirit man
Lift up your voice oh my spirit
Praise the Lord in the beauty of holiness
Exalt Him in His sanctuary of praise
Glorify Him in the midst of the multitude of angels
Praise him in the assembly of saints
Give the Lord a praise oh my spirit
Praise Him with holy meditation in His holy sanctuary of praise
Now and everlastingly, worship the Lord oh my soul
Worship the Lord oh my spirit man
Declare the wonderful mercies of the Lord
Praise the Lord in the highest oh my soul
Exalt the Name of the Living King oh my spirit man
The Lord God of heaven is worthy to be praised
He is worthy to be exalted and he is worthy to be worshipped
I will worship the Lord in the land of the living
I will praise Him in His holy tabernacle of praise
I will sing holy songs of praise unto the Lord my King
I will worship Him in the beauty of His holiness
I will glorify the Lord, the Lord of the holy angels
The One Who was Who is and ever shall be
The Great I Am that I Am is His Name
The Lord reigns in the highest
His dominion and authority is above all
He reigns sovereignly and supremely
He reigns over the heavens and the earth
He directs and judges everything in the
righteousness of His Holiness
The Almighty Sovereign God of gods reigns forever and evermore
He is forever sitted upon His Throne of judgement
His saints and the holy angels gather before Him
They praise and worship the Lord of lords in
the beauty of His Holiness
The living are filled with His joy, His rest and His peace
The joy of the Lord is the strength of the living
The ways of the Lord are perfect
His will is forever good, His love is excellent
And he is forever kind and loving
Oh praise the Lord oh ye saints, exalt the Holy Spirit of God
Praise the Lord the Creator, The Creator of Heaven and the earth
Worship Him in spirit and truth oh ye living souls across the earth
Bless the Lord oh my soul, sing unto the Lord a new song
Praise Him with holy instruments of praise
Praise the Almighty King of kings oh my spirit man
The Lord is faithful and in Him is perfection
I will give glory unto Whom glory is due
I will praise the One Who made me in the likeness of His own image
I will sing and praise the Lord with sweet melody of songs
My spirit shall praise the King of kings and rejoice in His Holy Spirit presence
I will say unto man, the Lord is good
His goodness and mercy endures forever and ever with me
I will declare and proclaim the glory of the Lord across the earth
And from everlasting to everlasting, I will bless His Holy Name
With my sacrifices of praises
Bless the Lord oh my soul
Worship the great I Am that I Am
Give Him all the glory and honour
For unto Him only is all glory and honour due
Oh bless the Lord oh my soul
Worship Him in the highest
For the Lord is good, His goodness and mercies endure forever

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